Blood Cancer Statistics – India


Source: MBCV report 2018

Blood cancer contributes to 7% of all cancer cases in India. 14

Data may be underestimated. The real incidence of all cancers is expected to be at least 1.5 to 2 times higher, as suggested by data from large screening studies and low coverage of Indian cancer registries. 15

80% of cancers in India are detected late. 16

Only 20-30% of cancers are diagnosed in Stage 1 and 2, which is less than half of that in the United Sates, United Kingdom and China. 15

70% of cancer death in India. 17

India continues to remain the largest contributor to cancer deaths at 2.2 million every year, of the global figure of 8.8 million. 17

The ratio of oncologists to newly diagnosed cancer patients is about 1:677. 18