Introduction on DC-CIK

Dendritic Cells Immunotherapy (DC)
Brand Name: Auxidendtrix

Personalize treatment of the cause not the symptoms

Display tumour antigen & activate Cytotoxic T cells

Cytotoxic T cells kill cancer cells

In this treatment, Dendritic cells are harvested from a person’s blood or bone marrow to “arm” them with tumor-specific antigens that guide them to destroy the relevant cancer cells.

Cytokine-Induced Killer Immunotherapy (CIK)
Brand Name: Xiltokine

Heterogeneous population of a mixed T-NK cells

TCR is functionally active but not involved in tumour recognition

Multiple mechanism in killing cancers, i.e., MHC-unrestricted manner or restricted killing.

Cytokine-induced killer cells are a heterogeneous population of a mixed T-NK cells.

Combination of Dendritic Cells-Cytokine-Induced Killer (DC-CIK) Immunotherapy
Brand Name: Audenkine

Antigen-specific loaded DC inhibits the metastasis/recurrence of solid cancers

CIK cells directly kill tumor cells with multiple approaches

Proved safer & more effective therapeutic on advanced solid carcinoma